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Osaka Harker

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Osaka Harker


I come from a small Portuguese town, and there started my love of Art and Coding computers. by 13 i had already my first ZX Spectrum and started coding assembly, hacking games, playing them and had my first contact with very rudimentary digital art.

I started drawing, painting and even sculpting at an early age, but only later seduced by better computers went into painting apps and 3D with my Amiga 500 computer and never looked back.

Started doing 3D professionaly, creating the 3 major National Soccer Teams Stadiums in 3D for their respective Team Interactive CD's and at the same time with the birth of the public Internet started coding website backoffices. Coding and 3D were never far apart culminating in the early 2000's with creating a VR - Virtual Reality trip down a vein to witness a thrombosis for a major Pharma company in the US.

Having had contact with text based virtual worlds since the early 90's i discovered Second Life a 3d Virtual World where in 2005 Osaka Harker was born (My real name is Miguel Santos).

I love both programming and the digital arts, like to do a little bit of everything... Enjoying discovering is a big part of my digital/analog path...To stop learning is to stop living...

In 2021, at 49 i discovered NFT's a way to sign and make sure your art is apreciated and not copied by others who want to claim it as their own. There is so much to learn in this new environment, and i am having a blast navigating these new waters. Jump in. Join us. Lets have fun and change the world.