BUSTED / NFTU - A projects fast introduction.

After the release of the ROADMAP on our website and after talking to some members of our small community some questions were raised and i wanted to take the time to try and answer a few and add more info about what we are doing.

BUSTED - a Collection of 200 1/1 (Unique) Statues minted since their creation and sold on OpenSea

NFTU Fighter - A.I. Controlled Fighters Minted from Busted Statues (Aka Genesis Fighters).

Alpha Pass (Aka Visitors) - Bots created to mimic NFTU Fighters but was not minted from a Busted statue. They need to be registered on Discord after purchase. Please note that Alpha passes will only be used during alpha tests and if it is too prolongued and many new features get added we might go into a Beta testing run. It has not been decided yet. If a Beta test is required (Alpha + Beta passes can be aquired at a lower cost by those with ALPHA Passes)

NFTU - Nifty Fighting Tournament Unchained - A Tournament where A.I. Fighters using Fuzzy Logic to mimic humans fight both Other NFTU Fighters as well as Pass Holders (Visitors). It is broadcasted live in Twitch and archived in YouTube. These tournaments are currently in ALPHA Test as we try and clear all minor problems with the software.

A Busted or Visitor Owner makes passively $Matic as long as their Fighter is playing tournaments. Said owner will be able to control the AI Behaviour of his/her statue in the near future. That doesn't mean the behaviour of his/her Statue/Visitor is random. It is not. It follows a set of rules making their behaviour seem random just like a murmur of swallows, it appears random in nature but it is far from it. Those sets of rules is what a interested "Coach"/Owner will be able to change moulding his/her Fighter to their will.

$Matic is put in a prize pool from the sale of Busted/NFTU NFTs for this initial season (10%) then it is awarded to each Fighter according to how much XP it gained in a Tournament. The division of $Matic is as follows: 50% of the total Pot goes to Statue Owners (Aka Genesis Fighters) and the rest of the 50% gets divided by Both Statues and Visitors.

This prize pool is created Weekly and the prizes awarded at the end of the week.

Fuzzy Logic A.I. is a plugin to the engine that powers the fights. Creates a set of rules based in logic using things like proximity, injure, etc. to make best decisions on the next action. A set of these will be made available in the future to willing owners so they can try and derive an advantage on their players. It will come as soon as we can manage a fair and also easy accessible interface to allow for such modifications. This can lead to interesting ideas as making these sets of rules themselves NFT's and a "experienced coach" can create these and sell them in the Open Market.

I write these in the hope you will get a better understanding of the idea behind the "Game" and also to say this is not the end of this project. Many ideas around these statues are being tested and matured and the future of this NFT project lies in all of us enjoying it as we move forward.

I know community has suffered as i put all my effort in building all these Project parts, the Discord needs work and i will gladly answer all and any questions put to me if i can there. I lurk all day (PST/PDT time) Join us there if this is something you are interested in.

I will add to this Document as more questions arise.

Thank you to all that joined BUSTED/NFTU family. Thank you for your interest in it and i hope you join us soon.

Osaka Harker